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Why London is pivoting its data approach

London’s plan to overhaul its Datastore demonstrates a marked shift away from the early days of smart city open data. Sarah Wray talks to Chief Digital Officer Theo Blackwell about the new direction. London is replacing its Datastore open data platform with a new Data...

Bogotá pilots road congestion pricing app

The City of Bogotá in Colombia has partnered with transport tech firm ClearRoad to pilot a phone-based application that measures traffic and provides data on congestion pricing strategies. The pilot, dubbed ParceGo, is the result of a call for proposals to design a system that...

Antwerp’s digital lead on the art of city app design

The City of Antwerp’s forthcoming ‘My Antwerp’ app has been developed natively for mobile devices based on resident research and user-centred design processes. Youri Segers, Antwerp’s Chief Digital Officer, hopes this approach can overcome some of the common challenges with municipal apps – poor useability...

Cities pilot icons to raise awareness of sensors

Four communities are piloting visual icons to provide more transparency about technology that is deployed in public spaces, such as sensors and cameras. The initiative aims to increase trust around smart city projects and give residents a new way to provide feedback. The Angers-Loire metropolitan...

Barcelona uses drones to monitor beaches

Barcelona is deploying drones to keep an eye on beaches during the San Juan festivities starting today. The festival returns without COVID restrictions for the first time in two years, with beaches being key venues. The city wants to minimise overcrowding, prevent safety issues, and...

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